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About Youth for Christ in Africa

Youth for Christ is primarily concentrating on the “Generation 21” area wide focus and it is implementing this movement through a variety of ministries, including prayer triplets, abstinence programs, children’s homes, radio and television programs, and many others.

Area Prayer Needs

  • Spiritual health, wisdom, and provision for each of the National Directors as they lead their country’s ministries.
  • Continued energy in reaching youth no matter what political, economical or spiritual obstacles.
  • Wisdom in using AIDS and abstinence programs alongside other organizations to reach youth with the Gospel.

Explore YFC International

  • World Changers » World Changers - changing the world for $25 a month
  • YFC University » Quality online courses on the Bible, Ministry, and the Christian Life.
  • YFC Coaching » Assisting YFC Staff to grow and become more effective in bringing out the best in those around them.
  • YFC Women » an interactive community for the women of Youth for Christ
  • YFC World » STAFF ONLY

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