Generation 21

G21Generation 21 is a continent-wide focus of Youth for Christ in Africa.

In 1997, the Africa Leadership Team of Youth for Christ gathered in Accra, Ghana for prayer, fasting, and more prayer. The Lord responded by uniting diverse tribes, languages, and ministries under one banner and His focus… GENERATION 21.

Generation 21 is a call to be God's catalyst in faithfully developing a Pan-African generation of young people who will be characterised by:

  • prowess in spiritual warfare
  • boldness in evangelism
  • passion in social involvement
  • and godliness in leadership

thus reflecting an exemplary Christian life. God is moving among the African young people right now. He is spreading among the nations and transforming the lives of millions into His character. We feel that this generation is the generation that will change the face of Africa. Youth for Christ is implementing the G21 movement through a variety of ministries, including:

  • prayer triplets
  • abstinence programs
  • children's homes
  • radio and television programs
  • after school Bible clubs
  • tutoring
  • music group tours
  • vocational training
  • and many others