“If you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you shall say to this mountain, Move from here to there. And it shall move.’          Mat 17:20



Area Director [AD]: Hilary Lewis-Nicol [Melrose]

  • Praise Jesus for the hard work of Hilary, Charles, Danny & Riraqi in the Area office. Entrust all of them unto the Spirit for guidance and strength in their daily tasks.
  • Thank God for committed people serving in YfC Africa. Approach Him for perseverance for them as they serve Him and ask for the salvation and discipleship of many young people.
  • We are grateful for the way the Lord is providing for ministry in Africa through local and international partners. Trust HIM for enough funds and resources to bring the Gospel to youth, trusting that our fundraising efforts on the continent will be successful.
  • Honour the Father for peaceful elections in Ghana in December, for a smooth transition of power from one government to the other and for the peace we enjoy now.


Hilary Lewis-Nicol, EJ van As, Josue Akowanou, Koekoes van As, Anna Musya-Ngwiri, Abu Conteh, Cyril Palan & Sheunesu Masuka

  • Thank Adonai for willing ALT members and their good health. Petition Him for a life of obedience, a deep relationship with Jesus and for good health.
  • Honour the Ancient of Days for safe travels and for keeping their families safe in their absence. Intercede for the ALT for guidance and wisdom in their daily tasks, especially for the upcoming meetings in Tanzania [ 6-8 Feb].
  • We are grateful for God’s faithful provision to the ALT. Present to our Provider the need for finances enabling them to attend ALT meetings and to visit the nations in their regions, also for safe travels.
  • Entrust our need for a liaison person unto Jesus.


Training Director: EJ van As [Koekoes]

  • Glorify God for a lovely time of rest during the holiday season. Trust the Spirit for guidance for the 2017 training plan.
  • Praise Jesus for safe travels for EJ to 3 Southern Africa countries last month. Ask our Master for safe travels and a fruitful time at the upcoming ALT meetings.
  • Thank Abba Father for His faithfulness in providing for this department. Pray for enough resources to do effective training all over the continent.


Regional Director: Sheunesu Masuka [Susan]

Desiree Beukes [Stanley] – SR Prayer Coordinator

  • Praise the Lord for a good time of rest and safe journeys for many in the SR. Pray for the successful implementation of ministry plans throughout the region and for enough resources to run the office and its operations.
  • Honour God for safe travels for EJ to Zambia and Zimbabwe last month. Ask the Spirit to guide EJ and Sheunesu in the transition period.
  • Glorify God for Sheunesu’s willingness to take over the role as RD. Trust the Father for wisdom and direction for him especially during the first ALT meeting.


Regional Director: Anna Musya-Ngwiri [Gilbert]

Alemtsehay Yemane – Prayer Coordinator

  • Bring praises to God for Alem’s willingness to serve as regional prayer coordinator. Intercede for her for wisdom in this new role.
  • Honour Jesus for His provision. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide Anna in her daily tasks.
  • Pray that planned visits & Board training for YFC Tanzania, Burundi and DRC will materialize in 2017.
  • Pray for a suitable person to assist in communication at the YL desk.


Regional Director: Josue Akowanou [Prisca]

  • Glorify the almighty for good health for Josue, Prisca and their 2 sons. Trust HIM for strength, health, spiritual growth and financial provision for them.
  • Thank God for providing for the Akowanou family. Pray that a vibrant YfC ministry will start and continue in every French speaking country.
  • Pray for peace and stability in this region especially against the extremist groups being very active, protection for people and changed hearts.


Regional Director: Cyril Palan [Monique]

  • Give thanks to Jesus for Ravo’s input in the islands the past years and for Cyril’s availability to serve in this capacity. Intercede for Cyril in his new role in the Island Region Leadership.
  • Praise God for faithful staff and volunteers serving all over the Island Region. Trust HIM for many more workers in the Indian Ocean Islands.
  • Honour the Father for every opportunity we have to proclaim the Gospel on the different islands. Pray that He will protect staff, volunteers and Board members who work here.


West Africa Director: Abu S. Conteh [Janet]

  • Thank God for NDs, staff, board members and volunteers in the region. Petition Him for good health, provision and renewed passion for the youth for these mentioned.
  • Ask the Lord to grant Abu traveling mercies and wisdom as he visits nations and engage NDs, Boards, staff and volunteers.
  • Appreciate the Father for the lives of young people and the efforts been made to reach out to them. Pray for political stability in the region as well as an end to Islamist uprising in the region.


Prayer Coordinator: Koekoes van As [EJ]

  • Honour God for good interaction on the Africa Whatt’s App prayer group. Intercede for a spirit of prayer for YFC associates.
  • Thank the Almighty One for Desiree who serves as Regional Prayer Coordinator for the SR and Alem for Eastern Region. Submit these women unto God for wisdom as they coordinates prayer efforts in their regions.
  • We are grateful for every national prayer coordinator serving in Africa. Ask the Spirit for guidance for them; also ask for prayer coordinators for every YfC country in Africa.
  • Admire the Father for prayer supporters carrying our ministry. Trust our Father to bless them and to add more prayer warriors to our ranks.
  • Glorify our Master for each member of the International Board of Trustees of YFC. Pray that He will give wisdom to the Board in all they do.


Arlindo Isaac Gole – Prayer Coordinator

  • Extol the Lord of the harvest for dedicated staff and volunteers. Pray for wisdom for them to run their ministry successful and ask for provision to pay office rent in Namibe.
  • We are grateful for the time that Graciano could serve with YFC Angola. Ask the Spirit to help Fabio, Paciencia and Tomas as they co-ordinates the National Office until a suitable ND is found.
  • Appreciate Jesus for committed national Board members. Intercede for them for guidance as they need to seek a new ND.
  • Trust our Master for a positive outcome regarding our farming property.


Anthelm Souhouin [Florence] – National Director

Yves Ahoyo [Sinatou] – Prayer Coordinator

  • Ask the Lord for wisdom and provision to pioneer Central African Republic successfully.
  • Thank Jesus for all the opportunities we have in reaching youth in Benin. Submit the National Young Leaders Development process unto Him.
  • Praise the Lord for the piece of land that we have. Ask our Provider for the development of this land into a training centre and ask for new office space.
  • We are grateful for a few committed Board members. Intercede for guidance for staff, board and volunteer so that the ministry can go forward even more.
  • Glorify God for faithful young people praying together in Prayer Triplets. Pray that they will continue to stand in the gap for their peers.


Koekoes van As [EJ] – National Director & Prayer Coordinator

George Steinbach: ND in Training

  • Bless the Lord for active and faithful Board members. Entrust the upcoming Board meeting on the 16th unto our Father and continue to pray for complete healing for Callie our chairperson after his last operation.
  • Worship the Father for 20 eager little children enrolled this year at the Tapologo Day Care Centre. Pray urgently for another qualified teacher for this school year.
  • We are thankful for a very successful Youth Week last month. Intercede for all camp attendees to remember what they heard at camp and will grow spiritually.
  • Honour God for the opportunities we have to reach young people with the Gospel. Ask Him for a fruitful time with the World Race team this month, pray that they will adapt quickly to climate, culture and ministry.


Paul Kabore [Celestine] – National Director

  • Trust the Prince of Peace for peace and reconciliation in the country, pray for the protection of Christian young people against the influence and threats of extremists.
  • Bring the need for staff and volunteers to God in order to effectively reach out to the youth of Burkina Faso and to bring the Gospel to many refugees of Mali.
  • We are grateful for the smooth running of the primary & secondary education institution. Intercede for staff and teachers to make a positive impact in the lives of all the learners.
  • Thank God for some board members under the leadership of Mr. Karambiri. Ask the Spirit to add committed men and women to serve on the National Board.


Freddy Tuyizere [Marie-Josee] – National Director

Marie-Josee Karerwa – Prayer Coordinator

  • Continue bringing the political situation in Burundi unto Jesus, praying for the safety of citizens and wisdom for the government and opposition parties who are working through a mediator. Keep on trusting Him for continuous protection upon YFC Burundi.
  • Gives praises to Jesus for allowing us help children under difficult circumstances in the Homes of Hope. Pray that the pig-project will be successful to help cover our costs and that children’s lives will be restored after the damages done to them through civil unrest.
  • Exalt our Saviour for the impact of Gitega International Academy [GIA] in the lives of young people. Continue trusting Him for accreditation with the Association of Christian Schools International and for more materials for our library and laboratory.
  • We are grateful for a lovely retreat for BYFC leaders recently. Ask God that the Shammah Health Clinic will bring quality medical care to a community in need.
  • Praise Jesus for a fruitful time with North Point Church who did a pastor’s seminar. Bring the organizing of the Graduation & Thanksgiving event in June to God – wisdom, provision, etc.


  • Admire God for the opportunity we have to start working in Cameroon. Ask our Father for wisdom for ongoing ministry.
  • Trust the Lord to send people to work with us.


Yves Videssougni Ahoyo [Sinatou] – Young Pioneer

  • Praise Jesus for Benin’s willingness to pioneer CAR and to start up the work here. Pray that the doors of this country will be lifted up for the King of Glory to enter and for the pioneering to continue.
  • Intercede for Yves for guidance in implementing the pioneering strategic plan, also pray for the planned journey of 3 intercessors to CAR – vision, provision, opportunities, etc.
  • Praise Jesus for local volunteers. Entrust Prince & Princia Demba, Benjamin Batto and Francis Soukamkian to God for wisdom, strength and good health to continue the prayer  triplet and mobilization  of other volunteers.
  • Continue to pray for political stability in this country and that reconciliation will take place after the civil war.


Brothers N & M.

  • Praise Jesus for Madagascar’s willingness to pioneer Nation C. Entrust the pioneering and ministry development process into God’s hands.
  • Honour the Father for good relations with some churches and missionaries on the islands. Ask for spiritual growth for all who’ve been reached.
  • Pray for the safety of all the Brethren as it becomes more difficult to live out Christianity.
  • Thank God for the opportunity to reach students from this nation at university in Madagascar. Intercede for brothers N & M to work together in bringing the Gospel to these students.


Interim National Coordinator: Roger Vangu [Therese]

Celestin Mbungu – Prayer Coordinator

  • Pray for political stability in our nation, wisdom for the government.
  • Intercede for wisdom for Rodger in Kinshasa; for Levy in Goma and for a good relationship with local churches.
  • Glorify God for His love and faithfulness to us. Ask Him for committed volunteers, staff and Board members and the necessary funds and resources to do youth ministry.
  • Appreciate the Lord for opportunities to reach youth in the schools. Submit the programmes in the Kinshasa, Boma, Bukavo and Congo-Central provinces unto Him.
  • Lay the plans for the RD and AD to visit DRC in the near future before the Throne of Grace.


Alemtshay Yemane – National Director

Muluberhan Yemane  – Prayer Coordinator

  • Honour the Father for the pioneering vision of YFC Ethiopia to neighbouring Somaliland. Trust Him to raise up people who can serve full-time in this hostile environment.
  • Thank the King of kings for guidance and encouragement through His word at the regular staff Bible study and prayer times. Entrust our need to refurbish our library at a heritage site unto God.
  • Glorify the Lord for dedicated volunteers, partners and National Board members. Bring the Board, staff and volunteers to the Throne of Grace for guidance as they wrestle to fulfil God’s purpose in YFC EA.
  • Praise Jesus for Tagash Sahilu, who is serving part time after volunteering and is ready for leadership.  Pray for guidance as he takes more responsibility.
  • Intercede for the youth of Ethiopia so that justice and righteousness will reign among them.


Franklin Moses – Young Pioneer

  • Honour the Father for the efforts from YFC Guinea to pioneer this country. Bring Franklin to our Provider for everything needed to do the work here and to open up ways for him to do effective pioneering.


Seal Sylvester Jammeh [Rose]

Therese Jarju – Prayer Coordinator

  • Bring the country’s post-election time unto the Prince of Peace, for stability and wisdom for the new government.
  • We are grateful for a fully functional National Board under the leadership of Dr Joseph Okeke. Ask God for guidance for staff, volunteers and Board members in their daily tasks.
  • Bless the Lord for every opportunity we have to bring the Good News to schools in the country. Intercede for success in our adult literacy classes and that young people will practice what we taught them.
  • Glorify our Father for His faithfulness in more than one way to us. Pray that we would be able to complete the building of a secondary school and college.
  • Praise God for the impact that our Zoe school has in the lives of young people. Submit all the learners unto the Father for salvation and spiritual growth.


Jackson Mensah – National Coordinator

  • Magnify the Almighty One for helping us to establish anYFC Ghana alumni association. Ask the Lord that old and new partners will support our ministry fully.
  • Admire Jesus for new and committed Board members. Trust Him to enable us to revive 3 regional advisory boards in the future.
  • We glorify God for the facilities at the Kokrobite Centre. Pray that we would be able to finish the buildings.
  • Bless the Lord for the new National Office in Accra. Intercede for us to implement the 2017 ministry programme.


Reuben Tamba Komba [Marie]- National Coordinator

  • Stand with us in prayer for pioneering work to develop in Equatorial Guinea and for Franklin Moses’s involvement there.
  • Praise the Lord for willing staff & volunteers helping in YFC Guinea. Entrust the new partners that Reuben contacted and possible partnerships unto Jesus.
  • We are grateful for faithful Board Members. Ask the Spirit for guidance for the new members.
  • Honour God for His faithfulness. Trust Him for financial provision for the ministry, especially the Child Fund.
  • Appreciate the Father for our ministry to the youth of our nation. Bring the ministry to street kids, youths and girls who drop out of school to unto our Master.


Jose Augusto Bedeslei [Eugenia]

Celestino Moreira – Prayer Coordinator

  • Intercede for the political situation in the country, for good working together between government and opposition and that they will do their best for the country and its citizens.
  • Lift the Name of our Father up for staff & volunteers and the good work they are doing. Trust the Spirit to keep us obedient to His ways and trust Him now already with us for the funds to go to General Assembly this year.
  • Glorify Jesus for the good impact out school has on the lives of young people. Pray for the students to walk in His footsteps and for enough material in English to be used in the English classes.
  • Honour God for all the opportunities we have to work with the youth of our nation. Ask Him to enable us to pioneer more centres throughout the country.
  • We are grateful for an active Board of Trustees. Submit them to God for guidance and wisdom.


Anna Musya-Ngwiri [Gilbert]

  • Honour the Father for good partnerships with local churches. Pray for a fruitful outreach to Siya county with 20 missionaries from different churches.
  • Praise the Lord for the difference that the Rehab centre is making in the lives of young people. Entrust the upcoming peace concert in Kibera in God’s hands – organizing the event, provision and many young people to attend.
  • Thank God that the Bible Study Discipleship group in the Eldoret office could start already for this year. Intercede for this Bible study to be consistent and effective and ask for more volunteers to work here.
  • Give glory to Jesus for sending a new coordinator for the Meru chapter. Ask our Provider for ministry and financial partners.


Lineo Lekhotsa

  • Praise God for a good time of rest during the festive season. Pray that He will open doors and opportunities for us in this year.
  • Thank Jesus for His provision, protection, guidance and wisdom in our ministry. Ask the Spirit to guide us in running with our vision for 2017.
  • We are grateful for the opportunities we have in spreading the Gospel. Entrust our need for full- and part time volunteers unto the Father.


Augustine Fredericks [Veronica]

Theo Klotey [Queen] – Prayer Coordinator

  • Glorify the Lord for Donald Craig and his family who are planning to come and build a mission school. Pray for the process to continue.
  • Appreciate the Almighty One for a good partnership with IEL from America. Trust Him for a fruitful time with the IEL team.
  • Honour the Father for the young leaders training in Sinoe County. Ask Him to enable the young leaders to implement the training.
  • We are grateful for many ministry opportunities. Pray for guidance to select the right staff to head the local chapters in Sinoe County.


Ravo Maharavo Fetra [Lalasoa]

Mamy Rabarison [Yves] – Prayer Coordinator

  • Young Pioneer M is busy building relationships with students from nation C in order to evangelise them. Intercede for wisdom for him and receptive hearts for the students.
  • Thank God for a good visit from David & Troy. Trust Him for a good development plan and trainings for 16 leaders in Tana, and for the pioneering club at Ampitatafika.
  • We are grateful for the YFC Madagascar foundation started by David Kadalie. Ask our Father to help us to sort out the final legalities.
  • Exalt the Lord that the YFC Agricultural School in Moramanga is going fine. Intercede for Sandy and his team as they are planning to reach prostitutes in Fianarantsoa and for effective pioneering in Ambohimiadana.
  • Praise Jesus for faithful National and Centre Board Members. Pray for guidance for them in their daily tasks and pray for good Board development in Amparafarafola.


Collins Machira – Contact person

  • Please pray with us for someone to lead the ministry in Malawi.
  • Ask for wisdom, as we re-pioneer ministry in Malawi, especially the re-registration process to be dealt with speedily.
  • Glory be to God for some ministry happening in Malawi by a few committed volunteers. Ask for His direction with the bible study and prayer meetings.
  • Intercede for the situation regarding  albinism in our nation. A lot of albino’s are being killed.


Cyril Palan [Monique]

Monique Palan [Cyril] – Prayer Coordinator

  • Bring Mauritius before the Throne of Grace for political and economic stability and pray for the alarming synthetic drug abuse among the youth of the Island.
  • Honour God for Dylan’s availability to be the new National Director. Trust Him to enable Dylan to take the lead in YFC Mauritius.
  • Admire the King of kings for good opportunities to reach youth this past year. Ask the Spirit for guidance to have bold outreach strategies in 2017 in order to reach more young people.
  • Praise Jesus for committed youth in the prayer ministry. Pray for more participation in the monthly Prayer & Fasting meetings and the Thursday Viber prayer time and guidance to Magalie who coordinates these.
  • We are grateful for the input of our National Board of Trustees. Submit them into the hands of the Father and ask for more and committed members to be added to their ranks.


Gildo Cuamba – Interim National Director

Carlos Pedro Cumbane – Prayer Coordinator

  • Honour God for the opportunities we have to reach young people in Mozambique. Entrust our ministry plans to Jesus.
  • Thank our Father for his faithfulness during 2016. Entrust our ministry needs of 2017 into His care, seeing that the economic situation in Mozambique worsened, food is very expensive.
  • We are grateful for all staff, volunteers and board members serving with us. Pray for guidance for us in our daily tasks.


Desiree Beukes [Stanley] – National Director

Fiona Engelbrecht [Elri] – Prayer Coordinator

  • Glorify Jesus for a lovely break during the holiday season. Trust Him to help the STMT students to adapt quickly to studies and ministry and that they will benefit from their training with us.
  • We are thankful for the camps that we had so far at our Hodygos campsite. Ask Jesus to fill it up with groups and pray that the administrative work for the government will go smooth.
  • Honour God for a good time of prayer & fasting and year planning. Trust the Father to make us faithful in doing what He wants us to do.
  • Praise our King for all staff and volunteers. Intercede for us for an office in Okahandja and for guidance for our National Board members.


Moussa Hamani Ali [Hadiza] – National Director

  • Intercede for an end to the extremist attacks on Christians and churches.
  • Praise the Lord for a few National Board of Trustees members. Intercede for them for wisdom and for new members to be added.
  • Appreciate the Father for volunteers who are doing youth ministry, especially the impact of the soccer ministry. Ask Jesus to make the soccer players effective witnesses for Him and to guide the staff as they reach the youth in Niger.
  • We are grateful for the YFC School and its operations. Trust the Spirit to enable teachers to bring children to Him and that the efforts to disciple youth in church youth groups will be fruitful.


Funke Omojola – Contact person

  • Continue to pray for political stability and that the government will have a solution to the terrorist extremist groups attacking the citizens.
  • Intercede for guidance and direction for the board members and key stakeholders as they finalize the process of selecting a new ND.
  • Worship the Father for providing for us. Bring our need for equipment and vehicles to Him and the resources to finish the training centre in Aaye.


Dean Edwall [Laurie] – National Director

Prayer Coordinator – Nadine Grobler

  • Praise the Lord for His provision, for all board members, staff, volunteers and donors who are actively bringing young people to Christ in South Africa. Intercede for the safety of everyone where-ever they are busy and for enough funds and resources to do our job well.
  • Thank our Father for the many opportunities we have to bring the Gospel to the youth of our country. Ask Him for obedient hearts and the willingness to change when they hear the truth from us.
  • Exalt our Saviour for the impact that the YFC club is making at Cambridge West in East London. Pray for complete healing for Roy’s son.
  • Glorify Jesus for the new intake of Hearts and Hands skills training and the volunteers helping in this programme. Submit the admin and financial team of YFC KZN unto God, for wisdom as they prepare for an audit that needs to be in on the 13th.
  • Praise the Lord for a fruitful Youth Week 2017 with delegates from all over Southern Africa. Entrust the organizing of Easter Camp at Cyara campsite unto Jesus.


Contact person: Jacques Bougault [Annick]

  • Honour the Father that we can have a School Bible Exhibition. Pray with us for the 8 young people who need to be trained for this event and that this activity will have a good impact on the youth of the island.
  • Thank the Lord for sending us Elodie who will be our new secretary. Submit her to God for wisdom in her daily tasks with us.
  • Continue to pray for Benji who faces several challenges due to his honesty.


Dickson Azie

  • Praise the Lord that Dickson and some volunteers reach out to students in 5 schools. Pray that the students will apply what they hear from him.
  • Trust our Provider for enough ministry income to rent a small office and to do youth ministry.
  • Glorify God for 5 Board members. Submit the need for more committed people to serve the National Board.


Jean Baptiste Mugarura [Jeanne Marie] – National Director

  • Praise be to God for the growing Bible studies in high schools by YFC Rwanda Northern Chapter. Entrust the 85 participants unto God for spiritual growth and to impact their peers.
  • Appreciate the Father for very committed staff and volunteers. Submit them unto the Father for guidance in their daily tasks.
  • Glorify God for faithful National Board members. Trust the Spirit to guide them as they serve alongside us.
  • Bless Jesus that we could finish a house for a single mother with our Project Serve. Ask HIM to enable us to build another house for a needy person.


Mervin Pool [Nathalie] – National Director

Nathalie Pool [Mervin] – Prayer Coordinator

  • Give glory to the Lord for providing housing for the Pool family and for dedicated staff and volunteers in YFC Seychelles. Pray for good health for us all and more volunteers to be added to our ranks.
  • Exalt our Saviour for our National Board members. Submit the them unto God, asking for wisdom as they work alongside us.
  • Honour our Father for every opportunity we have to reach young people on the island. Intercede for the salvation of young people as we share with them the Good News of Christ.
  • We praise the Lord our first ever National Evangelistic Student Conference will take place 27 – 29 April. Entrust the organizing of this event into His hands.


Abu S. Conteh [Janet] – National Director

Favour Conteh – Prayer Coordinator

  • Appreciate the Almighty One for many openings to share the Gospel to the youth of our nation. Ask the Lord for the salvation of young people and to take every thought of violence away from them.
  • Thank God for good National Board of Trustees members. Trust Him for wisdom and unity for Abu, the Board, staff & volunteers as we do our daily tasks in YFC SL.
  • Stand with us in prayer for more young people to attend our programmes.
  • Worship our Master for providing for us. Pray that He will bless us with enough funds and resources to do our ministry well.


Clement Sekoto & Mathias Mulumba – Young Pioneers

  • Pray for political & economic stability – wisdom for the government and a spirit of cooperation among the citizens.
  • Praise Jesus for Clement & Mathias’ willingness to pioneer South Sudan. Trust God for suitable partners in doing youth evangelism and discipleship programmes in South Sudan.
  • We are grateful that we could mobilise 30 people who are willing to stand with us in prayer for this nation. Ask Jehovah Jireh for everything needed to pioneer this country and for safety for the pioneers as they bring the Gospel in a hostile environment.


  • Trust the Spirit for committed people to start the ministry in Swaziland anew, especially for the preparations for a missionary couple to go there.
  • Glorify God for some committed board members. Pray for guidance for them as they strategise on the way forward and sort some issues.


Ministry Coordinator: Pascal Nyulahe [Esther]

  • Bless our Healer that it is going well with Clifton Nyulahe who is under treatment for Hodgkin’s disease. Keep on praying for complete restoration.
  • Thank the Lord for committed board members. Bring them before the Throne of Grace for wisdom as they serve alongside us.
  • Extol the King of king for the difference the Hope Girls School is making in the lives of students. Stand with us in prayer for these girls to do well in their education.


Guiles Estsi – Contact person

  • Trust God for the right people to serve as ministry staff and board members.


Miriam Koote – National Director

Petua Nankya – Prayer Coordinator

  • Ask Him for wisdom and provision so that we would be able to pioneer Southern Sudan successfully and for the involvement of Mathias & Clement in this effort.
  • Glorify God for many young people who accepted Jesus as their Saviour recently. Pray for total transformation in their lives and that they will stand strong in their new-found faith.
  • Praise our Master for His faithfulness in our ministry. Trust Him for all our ministry expenses and the resources needed to do our job well.
  • Bring our need for more ministry openings unto Jesus.
  • Honour Jesus for a strong YFCU team. Ask the Spirit to strengthen us in unity and ask that the new team of young leaders will be committed.


Mathias T. Bumie – National Ministry Coordinator

  • Exalt the Lord for a good time of ministry throughout January. Commit our annual plan of action (Youth rally, camp meeting, seminar, short term mission trip and pioneering initiative) into the hands of God.
  • Exalt our King for a fruitful visit of the RD, EJ van As last month. Submit the Board and volunteers unto Him to implement what was learnt.
  • Thank the Lord for young people visiting our office on a regular basis. Continue to intercede for our much needed office equipment and renovation needs to our office space.
  • Bring our daily ministries to the Almighty King, especially the schools where we exercise ministry on a daily basis.


Sheunesu Masuka [Susan]

Susan Masuka – Prayer Coordinator

  • Glory to God for a few committed staff and volunteers. Pray for guidance and provision for Sheunesu who is taking on the role as RD and needs to attend meetings in Tanzania later this month.
  • Praise Jesus for the lovely rain that we received, but ask Him that the heavy rain will not cause destruction.
  • We are grateful for a good start of the year and God doing new things. Trust our Father for more evangelism and discipleship opportunities.
  • Submit our need for more staff and volunteers unto the Lord.

Thank you for faithfully praying with us. We appreciate your involvement very much. Through your prayers you are an effective worker in His harvest field on the continent of Africa.


Greetings in Christ,

Africa Prayer Team