“My tongue will speak of your righteousness and of your praises all day long.” Psalm 35:28

Area Director [AD]: Hilary Lewis-Nicol [Melrose]

  • Thank God for committed people serving in YFC in Africa. Ask Him for the salvation and effective discipleship of youth across the continent.
  • We are grateful for the way the Lord is providing for ministry in Africa. Trust HIM for enough funds and resources to do effective ministry.
  • Glorify the Creator for many young people on this continent and the many open doors we have to communicate the Good News with them. Pray for wisdom for Hilary, as he leads YFC Africa.
  • Entrust our need for full time administration staff in the Area office to the Father.

Hilary Lewis-Nicol, Jean Baptiste Mugarura, David Kadalie, EJ van As, Josue Akowanou, Koekoes van As & Anne Musya-Ngwiri

  • Thank the Lord for willing members on the ALT. Ask Him for good health and that they will have a deep relationship with Jesus and will live a life of obedience to HIM alone.
  • Honour the Father for safe travels and for keeping their loved ones safe in their absence. Continue to present the safety of their loved ones unto God.
  • Trust our Provider for finances enabling them to attend ALT meetings and to visit the nations in their regions/departments, also for safe travels.
  • Intercede for the ALT for guidance, especially wisdom to implement all that was decided during the last meetings.

Training & Island Nations Director: David Kadalie [Denise]

  • Glorify God for David’s willingness to serve as the training director. Intercede for wisdom for him as he handles the training department as well as his regional work
  • We are grateful for prayer and financial supporters, for both personal and ministry. Submit the process to get David’s first book translated into French unto God.
  • Trust the Lord to enable us to do a Regional Conference for the islands in February.
  • Intercede for David and the organising team for wisdom as they started to plan the Competency Development Conference scheduled for November 2012.

West Africa Director: Hilary Lewis-Nicol [Melrose]
Prayer coordinator: Bremansu Osa-Andrews

  • Admire the Almighty One for a good time for Hilary in the USA last month. Intercede for guidance to do effective pioneering into Togo, Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon.
  • Thank God for the work of YFC in the West Africa Region. Ask Him to guide Hilary as Regional Director [RD], especially a person to take over from him.
  • Exalt Jesus for collective partnerships in the region. Trust our Provider for everything Hilary and his family need especially transport for ministry purposes.

East Africa Director: Jean Baptiste Mugarura [Marina]

  • Appreciate the Holy One for strong ministry across the East Africa Region. Trust Him for improvement in the areas that need it.
  • Glorify our Father for a fruitful time for JB in the USA and Canada recently. Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance for him as he serves on the International Board.
  • Praise the Lord that Marina’s medical check ups is still good. Pray for spiritual and physical protection for the Mgarura family.

Francophone Director: Josue Akowanou [Prisca]

  • Trust Jesus for strength, health, spiritual growth and financial provision for the Akowanou family.
  • Ask God for peace in Niger, Togo and Cote d’Ivoire and pray for protection for ND’s, their staff and families.
  • Submit the need for more open doors for YFC ministry in all the Francophone countries unto the Almighty One and ask for wisdom for Josue as he interacts with the individual countries.

Southern Region Director: E.J. van As [Koekoes]
Prayer Coordinator: Koekoes van As

  • Honour the Father for lovely ministry opportunities in Southern Africa. Submit the need for full time national workers in Malawi, Botswana, Lesotho & Zambia unto God.
  • Rejoice about the opportunity for EJ to visit Malawi. Ask the Spirit to help the Malawians to implement the plans and ask HIM for wisdom for our plans in the region for 2012.
  • Praise God for His faithfulness in providing for the SR office. Trust HIM for a full time secretary in the SR office.
  • Glorify the Everlasting King for committed people serving in the Region. Pray that the ministry of YFC will flourish in all 10 nations.

Anne Musya-Ngwiri

  • Intercede for Anne in her role as Young Leaders Area Coordinator, for wisdom and guidance on this new journey.
  • Pray that this 2 year program to develop young leaders will bear much fruit.
  • Ask Jesus to empower the new graduates so that they will stay committed and multiply themselves.
  • Trust our Father for African Young Leaders coordinators in all the countries YFC is working in.

Operation Pioneer is an extensive pioneering effort by Youth for Christ Africa to pioneer 10 countries in the next 5 years and have them ready for chartering with YFC International after two years.

  • Pray that an effective YFC ministry will be started in Cameroon, Central African Republic, Comoros & Mayotte, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Reunion, Seychelles, Sudan, Tanzania/Zanzibar and Togo. Ask our Father to raise nationals up in these countries to spearhead the ministry.
  • Ask God for wisdom for the countries or offices that are going to twin up with these 10 nations to develop a ministry. [Guinea Conakry – Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria – Cameroon, Benin – Central African Republic, Ghana – Togo, Reunion – Reunion, Kenya – Tanzania/Zanzibar, Rwanda & Burundi – DR Congo, Uganda – Southern Sudan, Madagascar – Comoros/Mayotte and Island Region Office – Seychelles.]
  • We are grateful for funding that already came in for this project. Trust our Provider for more funds to execute pioneering in all 10 countries; trust Him that all the nations in Africa would be able to contribute towards this project. Submit also the logistical resources needed unto our Lord.
  • Stand against every force of darkness withstanding the Pioneering Initiative and intercede for peace and stability in these nations.


  • Ask the Spirit for guidance for the PS Canada leaders regarding sending international volunteers.
  • Trust our Father for wisdom for al the leaders as they evaluate this year’s trips and plan for next year.
  • A Project Serve team from YFC South Western Ontario in Canada is planning to come and do renovations at the one YFC house in Ndola in January. Pray for their preparations.

Graciano Viliengue [Elisabeth]
Carlos Monteiro – Prayer Coordinator

  • We are grateful for the opportunities we had this past year to bring the Gospel to lost young people. Trust the Lord for spiritual renewal of all the campers at our camps during December and January.
  • Thank God for some faithful National Board members. Intercede for them, also pray for new and committed members.
  • Admire the Father for His provision so far. Submit our material and financial needs unto Him, especially office rent.
  • Some of our YFC Bie students experience problems at their Roman Catholic Schools. Ask the Holy Spirit to give wisdom to the YFC workers in Bie to resolve this issue.

Anthelm Souhouin

  • Ask the Lord for wisdom and provision so that we would be able to pioneer Central African Republic successfully.
  • Honour the Father for faithful staff and volunteers. Pray for them as they reach the youth of our nation.
  • Appreciate the Lord for good ministry in schools. Trust HIM for much needed staff support and finances to cover ministry costs.
  • We are grateful for a few committed Board members. Intercede for them as they serve alongside us
  • Praise the Lord for the piece of land that we have. Ask our Provider to help us to develop this land into a training centre.

E.J. van As [Koekoes]
Koekoes van As – Prayer Coordinator

  • We are grateful for the faithfulness of our Father and His protection upon us during 2011. Ask God for continuous protection upon the YFC properties, buildings, staff homes and vehicles and safe travels for all of us.
  • Thank God for a lovely time for Katie, Jennifer and Sara with YFCB. Trust the Lord of the harvest for a national director, office manager, ‘handy man’, a financial administrator and a driver for the Day Care’s vehicle.
  • Honour our King for successful holiday programmes the past few weeks and the many opportunities we have in spreading the Gospel among young people. Submit these youngsters unto Jesus so that they will accept Christ and will grow spiritually and would be safe during the long holiday season.
  • Praise the Lord for committed staff, volunteers and National Board members. Pray that the Spirit will guide them in their daily tasks and that they will have a deep meaningful relationship with HIM.

Paul Kabore [Celestine]

  • We are grateful for 7 board members. Ask our Father for funding to renovate our buildings.
  • Pray that Paul and his team will be able to make YFC an instrument that transforms the young people of their nation into the image of Jesus Christ.
  • Thank God that the radio station YFC is involved with is reaching many. Trust the Spirit to speak into the hearts of young listeners to change their ways.
  • We are grateful for the smooth running of the primary education institution. Intercede for Paul, his family, staff, board members and volunteers, for physical and spiritual well-being.

Freddy Tuyizere [Marie-Josee]
Frederique – Prayer Coordinator

  • Ask the Lord for wisdom and provision so that we in cooperation with Rwanda would be able to pioneer the Democratic Republic of the Congo successfully.
  • Thank the Father for Builders without Borders who came to help with the construction of Gitega International Academy. Pray that we would be able to complete all our building projects.
  • Glorify the King of kings for a lovely visit from North Point church in Texas. Stand with us in prayer for enough finances
  • Honour the Almighty One that we could move into the new office buildings. Trust Jesus to send us for primary and senior secondary school teachers.

Contact person: Charles Ngwa

  • Praise Jesus for Nigeria’s willingness to pioneer Cameroon. Entrust the re-pioneering process into God’s hands.
  • Admire God for the opportunity we have to start working in Cameroon. Ask our Father for wisdom for ongoing ministry.
  • Trust the Lord to send people to work with us.
  • Pray for wisdom for the political leaders during the post-election time.


  • Praise Jesus for Benin’s willingness to pioneer CAR. Entrust the re-pioneering process unto God.
  • Ask the Father to send people to come and serve with YFC in this country.
  • Trust Jesus for committed people to serve on the National Board.

David Kadalie, East Indian Ocean Islands Regional Director

  • Praise Jesus for Madagascar’s willingness to pioneer Comoros. Entrust the pioneering process into God’s hands.
  • The youth of this small nation need our love and care. Ask for wisdom and knowledge for the people who are involved with youth work on this island, for their safety and all their needs.
  • Honour the Father for providing for N to do a 45-day mission to the Comoros. Intercede for him, for his protection and ministry strategy.

Gaudens Gogo
Alcide Gogo [Colette] Prayer Coordinator

  • Exalt the Prince of Peace for establishing a new government. Trust the HIM for continued peace and stability in this country, also pray for wisdom for political leaders.
  • Thank Jesus for faithful staff and some volunteers working in YFC under very difficult circumstances. Pray that we would be able to do ministry and that the office could be rebuilt after it was demolished in political unrest.
  • Ask our Provider for safety and good health for staff and volunteers, enough funds for ministry, also personal support for all of us.

Interim National Coordinator: Roger Vangu [Therese]
Celestin Mbungu – Prayer Coordinator

  • Honour Jesus for Burundi & Rwanda’s willingness to re-pioneer DRC. Entrust this process into God’s hands.
  • Pray for the post-election time in our country after the presidential elections last month, for wisdom for the leaders and calmness among the people.
  • Praise the Father for His presence in our ministry. Intercede for wisdom for Rodger in Kinshasa and for Levy in Goma and for a good working relationship with local churches.
  • Ask God for more volunteers and staff members also people who can serve as National Board members.
  • Submit all our ministry needs unto the Lord.

Alemtshay Yemane

  • Praise the Lord for encouraging staff and volunteers through Bible study and prayer times. Ask the Spirit to guide YFC-E staff and volunteers, as they pioneer in Debre Ziet, Dessie, Duckem and Debre Berhan.
  • Thank the King of kings for provision of partners and finances to sustain the ministry through fundraising initiatives. Pray for guidance for Board members, staff and volunteers, as they implement their day-to-day responsibilities.
  • Honour the Father for every opportunity we have in spreading the Gospel. Bring the young people of Ethiopia before the Throne of Grace.

Seal Sylvester Jammeh
Therese Jarjam – Prayer Coordinator

  • The Adult Literacy Programme is doing well, ask the Spirit for guidance as the volunteers share the Good News with these students.
  • Thank our Saviour for 40 young people who are regularly attending their Discipleship Group. Trust Him that the Sewing Centre will be successful.
  • We are grateful for an effective Operation Hannah prayer movement. Submit our need for more sponsors for the children at the YFC Zoe Christian School unto Jesus.
  • Thank the Father for the new classroom and offices at our centre at Fjara that is finished. Intercede for the prisoners that we are working with to grow spiritually.

Patrick Yin Mahama
Bremansu Osa-Andrews – Prayer Coordinator

  • Praise the Almighty One for the developments regarding the pioneering of Togo. Ask the Lord for wisdom and provision so that we would be able to pioneer Togo successfully.
  • Thank God for opening of ministry centres in Brong Ahafo and Bolgatanga. Pray that the upcoming National Leadership Team meeting on the 10th of December will be successful.
  • Admire Jesus for a very successful prayer coordinators conference at the Training Centre in Korkrobitey. Trust HIM to help us to implement what we decided at this conference.
  • We are grateful that for ongoing computer training to Junior High School students. Stand with us in prayer for the completion of the Training Centre and for good office space to host the National Office.

Jose Augusto Bedeslei [Eugenia]– National Coordinator
Emily Atkins [Jason] – Prayer coordinator

  • Intercede for staff, volunteers and board members to have a deep relationship with our Lord and ask Him for new strategies to reach youth.
  • Praise the Lord for the progress that continues to be made on our solar power system and pray for continued safety as Jason is installing the most complicated electrical parts.
  • As another semester draws to an end, pray for our students to understand the message of salvation presented to them and to respond.
  • Exalt God for the 7 faithful men in our intensive 3 month discipleship school. Pray for their safety and health, and pray that they would see God’s power and experience Him in a new way.

Reuben Tamba Komba – National Coordinator
Mathias Teepa Bumie – Prayer Coordinator

  • Continue to ask for a peace and stability in our nation and for wisdom for our political leaders.
  • Exalt the Lord for granting us registration with the government and the Evangelical Churches and Missions. Pray that we would be able to pioneer Equatorial Guinea successfully.
  • Rejoice with us for the lovely camp we had in Kindia and all the young people who gave their lives to our Lord. Submit our various groups into God’s Hands for wisdom as they prepare their end of year activities.
  • Honor our Father for Isidore Goussanou who served faithfully for 5 years as a volunteer, he is leaving to Congo Brazzaville. Pray for more volunteers to come and serve with us so that we would be bale to start work in 3 more regions.

Outgoing ND: Grace Otjiambo [Fred]
Incoming ND: Anne Musya-Ngwiri
Nyambura Kirubi – Prayer Coordinator

  • Honour the Father for the many years Grace served as ND and thank HIM for Anne’s willingness to serve in this capacity. Ask Jesus to help Anne in her new role.
  • Thank Jesus for helping us with a successful Fundraising Dinner. Trust God for a successful 5-day hike for the Nairobi chapter 9-13 December – for safety and good health and that this will have a positive impact on many young people.
  • Glorify God for the greenhouse that was build at Taraja home, it helps a lot with growing vegetables for the house. Stand with us in prayer for enough funds to build a kitchen and dining block.
  • Praise the Lord that CPMK can partner with Pro Life in using their shelter. Pray that we would be bale to have own shelter to take care of girls in a crisis pregnancy situation.

Gert van den Bos – National Director
Delrine Pritiviraj – Prayer coordinator

  • Appreciate the Father for faithful staff & volunteers serving together in Lesotho. Trust Jesus to provide urgently office space to us.
  • We are grateful for our Provider Who provided house rent for Lerato. Submit the leadership of YFC Lesotho into the hands of God, wisdom for Gert and the Board members, also more members to be added.
  • Thank our Master for good & fruitful Coaching sessions. Pray that the holiday programmes at the Youth Centre will be effective.
  • Rejoice with us for some lovely rain. Ask the Lord for enough rain this rainy season.

Augustine Fredericks – Coordinator [Veronica]
Boniface Kolee [Sinnah] – Prayer coordinator

  • Thank God for the successful start of a Bible Study Fellowship prayer programme. Trust the Father with us for new committed National Board members.
  • Ask HIM for strength for staff and volunteers, as they reach the youth of our nation.
  • Praise the Lord for many churches that want to partner with YFC. Intercede for Augustine for wisdom especially with the reshuffling of staff for 2012.
  • Pray for wisdom for the political leaders during the post-election time.

Ravoniandro Maharavo Fetra (Ravo) [Lalasoa]
Clement & Sandy – Prayer Coordinators

  • Extol our Provider for the 65 kids who joined the English teaching club in Antsirabe and for the 15 classes to whom we minister weekly. Ask the Father to provide everything needed to do effective ministry.
  • Glorify the Lord for the commitment of board members in Ambositra, Antsirabe, Fianarantsoa and in Tana. Trust Him for the right people to come on to the boards in the 5 centres.
  • Thank God for the high level of commitment of volunteers in all our centres. Submit our plans for 2012 unto God, for His wisdom and guidance.
  • Praise the Lord for the pioneering ministry done in Bakaro. Intercede for complete healing of Fiderana, the little boy of Power & Mie, he needs surgery.

Contact person & Prayer Coordinator – Collins Machira

  • Glorify our Father for some committed National Board members. Ask the Spirit for guidance for the Board regarding staff matters and for more members to be added.
  • Praise God for for the open doors we have in doing ministry in our country. Pray that He will send more people to work as full time staff & volunteers.
  • Thank Jesus for EJ’s visit. Intercede for spiritual growth for the young people we’ve been able to reach recently.
  • Honour the Lord for fruitful ministry at Kwale. Trust Jesus for enough finances and resources to do effective youth ministry.

Jean Pierre Dabou [Adeline]
Emmanuel Dao – Prayer Coordinator

  • Bring Jean Pierre & Adeline to the Lord for wisdom and pray for guidance for the way forward in ministry.
  • Glorify Jesus for 5 young leaders who are committed to reach youth. Intercede for Mali YFC – for more full time staff, volunteers and resources.
  • Praise the Lord for the freedom to evangelise anywhere even though Christians are a minority group. We have a huge unemployment rate among youth, please pray.

Cyril Palan [Monique]
Monique & Vicky – Prayer Coordinators

  • Ask the Lord for wisdom and provision so that we in cooperation with the regional office would be able to pioneer Seychelles successfully.
  • Honour God for our National Board members. Trust Him for more commitment and for new members to be added.
  • Glorify the Father for the newly established music team – Youth in Action. Intercede for the Saturday music training programme to be successful.
  • Praise the Lord for the completion of the basketball court. Pray for the training of players by a voluntary coach.
  • Thank Jesus for the investment staff and volunteers made in the past. Ask Him for lasting fruit in the Sunday Club activities.

Albert Guambe – Acting National Director
Carlos Pedro Cumbane – Prayer Coordinator

    Extol God for a team from South Africa who helped to get the generator at Bethel running smoothly. Ask Him to make a way to drill a borehole with the help of Agua da Vida to give good quality water for Bethel and the community.

  • Glorify Jesus for providing all the care-givers packs and the 480 gifts for the JEC children. Intercede for Poppy and the ministry that she is doing with YFC in Chokwe.
  • Praise our Father for the good time that the Harpers could have in South Africa and that all went well with Lesley’s operation. Trust Him for complete healing for her and that their relocation to Mozambique will be smooth.
  • Exalt the Most High for fruitful ministry done in Mavuiane and Mahuhu. Pray that the leadership training at the Matola office will be successful so that trainees can go to prisons, schools and markets.

Stanley Beukes [Desiree]

  • Praise God for His faithfulness, care and love. Trusty HIM that we would be able to pass this attributes of Jesus to the summer camp kids.
  • Pray for our summer camp (03-09 December) in general: safety, money, transport, speakers, and logistics. Also ask that God will give us lovely weather during this week.
  • Thank the Father that we can start STMT (short term missions training) again, pray that young people will make use of this gap year program.
  • Pray for God’s protection upon our staff and properties as we close the ministry on December 15. Pray especially for protection upon Hodygos (our campsite) as it’s usually a target for house breaking during December.

Moussa Hamani Ali [Hadiza]

  • Praise the Lord for 5 National Board of Trustees members. Intercede for them for wisdom and guidance as they serve alongside us.
  • Appreciate the Father for volunteers and staff doing youth ministry. Ask HIM to guide them in such a way that even more youth in Niger will be reached.
  • Trust Jesus for young leaders to be developed for ministry in YFC.

Bukola Coast Ufeli – National Director
Raymond Lamai [Naomi] – Prayer Coordinator

  • Ask the Lord for wisdom and provision so that we would be able to pioneer Cameroon successfully.
  • Honour God for His provision to YFC Nigeria. Submit the Youth concert on the 26th of December unto Jesus.
  • We are grateful for the sponsorship 42 of the orphans we are working with got from Global funds. Intercede for the two couples who are getting married in December, for everything to go well and that they will be examples to the youth we are working with.
  • Thank God for successful schools outreach at Corona Secondary School where 47 students accepted Jesus as their Lord. Pray for enough funds to complete the Training Centre and to equip 10 youth drop in centres.
  • Glorify the Father for a fruitful Youth camp at Ubomiri. Trust the Lord of the harvest to send people who can fill key positions in YFC Nigeria.

Rolf Wiechardt [Liz]
Blessing Mpofu – Prayer coordinator

  • Thank the Lord for faithful staff, volunteers and board members in YFCSA. Entrust our 2012 ministry plans unto Him.
  • Exalt God for two new youth workers in YFC Rustenburg. Ask our Provider for a combi vehicle for them for ministry purposes.
  • Honour the Father for good ministry opportunities in the Rustenburg area the Buyela team had recently. Commit the 2012 recruitment to God.
  • Praise Jesus for all the open doors we had in the past year to proclaim the Good News. Submit the upcoming Youth Week at Magaliesburg campsite unto HIM – for salvation and spiritual growth for the campers.

Contact person: Jacques Bougault

  • Praise Jesus for the Regional Office’s willingness to help with the pioneering in Reunion. Entrust the pioneering process into God’s hands.
  • Trust the Spirit to guide Jacques and his team as they strategise about starting an YFC ministry in Reunion.

National Director: Dickson Azie
Sephora & Debra Prayer Coordinators

  • Praise the Lord for all the books that were donated for the library. Trust our Provider for book shelves and stands for this project.
  • We are grateful for all the contacts we could make with young people. Pray that we would be able to register with CSR.
  • Thank Jesus for willing people serving as Board members. Intercede for them to stay committed and also for additional members.
  • We are grateful for the lovely work staff and volunteers are doing in YFC Rodrigues. Commit our team unto the Lord so that they remain united and faithful to reach young people for Christ.

Jean Baptiste Mugarura [Marina]

  • Ask the Lord for wisdom and provision so that we in cooperation with Burundi would be able to pioneer the Democratic Republic of the Congo successfully.
  • We glorify God for the successful Tent Makers Ministry who help youth to become self-sustainable. Trust the Lord for enough funds to do our ministry and for bigger land outside Kigali.
  • Praise the Lord for a few more sponsors for the students at Kigali Christian School. Pray for more teaching material for the science and technology classes.
  • Honour the Father for a lovely outreach where we reached 4 800 people with the Gospel of whom 43 received Christ as their Saviour and we trained 282 youth pastors from 14 churches. Intercede for these people to stay committed to our Lord.
  • We are thankful that the women in the HIV/AIDS Self Help groups are doing well. Stand with us in prayer for these women to implement what they’ve learned.

Nino Mendy

  • Praise Jesus for our 3 young leaders reaching youth. Pray for more full time staff and volunteers.
  • We are grateful for some National Board members. Ask the Holy Spirit to direct us to more people who can serve as Board members and who will be committed to the ministry of YFC.
  • Trust our Father for enough finances and resources to do effective ministry.


  • Praise Jesus for YFC Mauritius’s willingness to pioneer Seychelles. Entrust the pioneering process into God’s hands.

Abu S. Conteh [Janet]
Favour Conteh – Prayer Coordinator

  • Thank God for 4 good meetings in churches by the Operation Hannah team. Pray for guidance for them for their 2012 planning.
  • Salute Jesus with us for good ministry in schools. Clinics and in the community. Pray for spiritual growth of 19 people who accepted Christ through these ministry efforts.
  • Appreciate the Almighty One for good partnerships with the AOG church and with Book of Hope organisation. Trust our Provider for enough funds and resources to do or ministry well.
  • Honour the Almighty One for the 5 positive family placings done in Kinema. Ask Jesus to heal Celia Korji, the Youth Guidance and Counseling leader.


  • Glorify the Father for the good elections we had. Pray for wisdom for the political leaders and a spirit of cooperation among the citizens.
  • Praise Jesus for Uganda’s willingness to pioneer Southern Sudan. Entrust the pioneering process into God’s hands.

National Director: Bongani Dlamini [Khumbuh]
Khumbuh Dlamini – Prayer Coordinator

  • Praise God for the Bible Society of Swaziland who are willing to let us put up a temporary office on their premises. Ask Him that this partnership will grow as we both reach the youth of our nation.
  • Thank Jesus for our 60 days of National Prayers for Youth Initiative. Trust the Spirit to speak into the lives of the youth of Swaziland so that they will turn from their wicked ways and accept Jesus as their Saviour.
  • Glorify the Father for a few National Board members. Continue to pray for more members to be added and commitment for all of them.
  • We are grateful for the piece of land allocated to us in Matsapha. Stand with us in prayer as we prepare for hosting 2 teams early in 2012.
  • Intercede for wisdom for our government so that we can enjoy economical stability in Swaziland.

Ministry coordinator: Pascal Nyulahe [Esther]

  • Praise Jesus for YFC Kenya’s financial input in YFC Tanzania. Entrust the pioneering process of Zanzibar into God’s hands, also favour with the government, as we need to register.
  • Thank God for good ministry of the soccer team. Intercede for spiritual growth among YFC staff and volunteers.
  • Ask the Lord to give us more full time staff and volunteers to serve in YFC.
  • We are grateful that the weekly Youth club is doing well. Trust our Provider for ongoing support; pray especially for a place to use as an office.
  • Appreciate the King of kings for the financial and prayer support that we get. Pray for the reconstruction of the National Board and for recruiting new members.


  • Praise Jesus for Ghana’s willingness to pioneer Togo. Entrust the re-pioneering process into God’s hands so that a thriving ministry can start here.
  • Pray for new leaders for YFC in Togo.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to direct us to the right people who can serve as Board members and ask also for full time staff and volunteers who can work in this harvest field.
  • Trust God to open doors for us to do effective youth ministry.

Miriam Koote

  • Ask the Lord for wisdom and provision so that we would be able to pioneer Southern Sudan successfully.
  • Glorify God that we could reach 1982 young people of whom 236 gave their lives to Christ and 279 pledged to abstain from sex until marriage. Entrust all who’ve been reached with the Gospel unto God.
  • We are grateful for Timothy from Suubi Home who is doing well after an operation. Trust the Holy Spirit for guidance for ministry plans for 2012.
  • Ask Jesus for enough funds and resources for our ministry.
  • Appreciate the King of kings for 8 pregnant teens in our care who are doing well. Pray for more open doors for youth ministry in schools and communities.

Prayer Coordinator: John Kaniki [Florence]

  • Praise the Lord for committed people serving as National Board members. Intercede for them for wisdom and ask for new members.
  • We are grateful to the Lord for His provision. Ask HIM for more full time staff members, especially a person who can serve as ND.
  • Admire the Almighty One for the many ministry openings Mike and Cynthia Stemmet have. Trust the Lord of the harvest for mature Christians who can be trained as councillors to assist them.
  • A Project Serve team from south Western Ontario in Canada is planning to come and do renovations at the one YFC house in Ndola. Pray for their preparations to come.

Sheunesu Masuka
Susan Masuka – Prayer Coordinator

  • Appreciate our Father for a better internet connection that we have now. Pray that the upcoming camps in December and January will be fruitful in the lives of campers.
  • Glorify Jesus for faithful staff working under difficult circumstances. Trust HIM for enough finances to have an effective youth ministry.
  • Honour the Lord for 12 young people who gave their lives to HIM. Ask Jesus to help these youngsters to grow spiritually.
  • We are grateful for good fellowship and ministry to orphans at Sidojiwe Flats. Submit EJ’s visit late in January unto our Lord.
  • Intercede for Anna & Abraham Mabhena after her grandfather passed away, also for the family members in their time of mourning. .

Thank you for faithfully praying with us. We appreciate your involvement very much. Through your prayers you are an effective worker in His harvest field.

Greetings in Christ,
Koekoes van As
Africa prayer coordinator

‘The angel fetched Peter out of the prison, but it was prayer that fetched the angel.’
Thomas Watson

JESUS – the best gift ever!

We wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.