About YFC World


YFC World aims to establish an online meeting place that will be user friendly, frequently accessed and helpful to our  staff and volunteers.

The goals of this online meeting place include:

  • Facilitating collaboration – Through fostering communication and interaction of staff and volunteers worldwide, we aim to see more staff and volunteers working together with other  areas, and with the International team; additionally, we aim to share and introduce technologies, software, and web-based tools that can assist us in meeting the needs of our ministry targets more effectively.
  • Resource sharing – We aim to develop, implement, and support a centralized store house of resources and “best practice” ideas for national programs and the worldwide Youth for Christ family.
  • Communication – We aim to develop tools that will maximize interaction and communication between staff and constituents within our ministry areas and around the world; implement technological solutions to facilitate mentoring and coaching over the Internet; provide a web-based communication system for facilitating meetings with staff/volunteers from diverse geographic locations; and assist national programs to communicate better with their constituents in the English language as requested.
  • Support – We aim to provide web-based forums that will promote interaction between National programs. Users will be encouraged and supported through the sharing of prayer requests and resources and increased teamwork, as well as through friendships that develop in the process.

Four Key Areas

To enable users to easily navigate our site, YFC World includes four main areas, or categories (see sidebar menu at right).

  1. Connect – all features related to connecting staff with each other, facilitating communication and collaboration (members directory, groups, forums, blog, etc.)
  2. Equip – tools, documents, files, resources to assist you in your Youth for Christ ministry
  3. Serve – a place to share and view ministry opportunities, whether for specific projects or events, or for short-term or long-term ministry and/or employment
  4. Pray – a place to share and view prayer concerns specifically related to YFC staff so that we can pray for one another

You can read the original YFC World project overview here.